Tanzania’s largest solar photovoltaic (pv) program kicks-off with launch visit in Kigoma

April 24th, 2012, — Kigoma — Two weeks after the signing of the USD 4.7 million MCA-T contract, the representatives from Rex Investment Limited (RIL) and Camco International Limited formally launched the start of their solar PV Program in Kigoma, Tanzania.

Held in Kigoma on April 19th, 2012, the main objective of the kick-off meeting was to hand over the project to the joint venture. The Projects team, led by Francis Kibhisa, Managing Director of Rex, met to interact with stake holders, inform the beneficiaries, oversee organizational setup and sites surveys, find local technicians for training and local partners to support the project.

The Kigoma program, which will run until August 2013, will oversee solar PV installations in several targeted villages, including health and education facilities, as well as village markets, pico-grids and a selection of some Beach Management Unit (BMU) sites for fishing communities along the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Johnas Gidlund, Projects Director at Rex, said he was keen to get started: “The Kigoma project is the largest solar PV project in Tanzania to date and to be able to work on this project is a great opportunity for us but also a great responsibility. The systems we will be installing here will change local lives.”

The team plans to roll out the first set of installations by the first week in July 2012. The first beneficiaries will include a dispensary, a local school, a health centre and a beach management unit for the fishing community at Lake Tanganyika. Sites for these installations will be determined within the next few weeks. Scott McGregor, Camco CEO, said there are plans to involve the pupils at those schools: “We believe locally generated renewable energy is the way forward for rural Tanzania. We are designing educational activities and contests that will enable the students to learn about solar energy and how it works, who knows perhaps we have the next generation of Tanzania’s solar technology experts right here in Kigoma”.

About Rex

Rex Investment Limited is Tanzania’s leading Solar Energy Contractor, with offices in Dar es Salaam, Arusha and soon Kigoma. The company is registered by the board of contractors with a class one rating. The company was founded in 2000 by qualified engineers who saw a need to offer alternative energy solutions for Tanzania. The company has grown to become Tanzania’s leading solar energy supplier and is currently launching an expansion throughout the East African Community and beyond. The company owns and operates a retail outlet in Dar es Salaam and has a growing network of strategic partnerships including Camco, as well as a growing solar energy distribution network throughout Tanzania.

About Camco

Camco International Limited (Camco, AIM: CAO) is a global developer of clean energy solutions and projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with operations in the US, the UK, China, Africa, Russia and SEA. Camco has a 20-year track record in project development, technical delivery and policy development, working with local industry, multinational companies, governments and regulatory bodies. The Carbon Project Development business has created one of the largest emission reductions portfolios and has structured ground breaking and innovative arrangements for the sale and delivery of emission reductions to compliance and voluntary buyers. Camco’s Clean Energy Project Development and Investment teams collaborate with industry, project developers, equipment providers and investor groups to create emissions-to-energy projects and maximise sustainable energy production across a range of industries; including agricultural methane, industrial energy efficiency, coal mine methane, biomass and landfill gas. The Energy and Carbon Advisory teams provide strategic, commercial and technical expertise accrued over two decades to deliver low carbon energy and sustainable development solutions.

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