Today, Tanzania’s leading solar energy solution provider, Rex Energy, introduces for the first time in Tanzania a mobile solar equipment system aiming to ease the life of Tanzanian’s living both in urban and rural areas.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam, Mr. Francis Kibhisa (Rex Energy Managing Director), said “Most rural households rely on kerosene lamps for lighting and pay quite significant amounts to have their cellular phones charged. The product intends to address these issues through the promotion and sale of integrated PV light and cellular phone charging products.”

Rex solar home systems is a high quality plug and play kit which is portable, affordable, durable that allows a customer to easily install and maintain without the haste of needing a technician. It is highly envisioned that this product will both enhance and modernise energy delivery or access in Tanzania by complimenting Government’s efforts of improving access to power as well as promoting, in parallel, a sustainable PV economy that can benefit the private and household sector as well.

Rex Energy solar home systems are available in a wide range of capacities such as: RIL15, RIL20, RIL25, RIL30, RIL50, RIL60, RIL100, RIL170 and RIL270 and can light bulbs, fridges, TV sets, radios, fans and mobile phone charging.

These can be used in construction sites, health facilities, educational institutions, mosques, churches and tourist camps.

“We continuously strive to provide our customers with the best that the market has to offer in terms of solar product varieties without compromising quality to ensure better living standards of Tanzanians” said Mr Kibhisa.

Company’s contact information:

Francis Kibhisa

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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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About Rex Energy

Rex Energy is a division of Rex Investment Ltd started over 14 years ago and is registered as Class One Solar Energy Contractor under Companies Ordinance (Cap 212). Rex Energy provides services of highest quality supplying, servicing and installing solar power systems within and outside the country.

Our services include but not limited to solar PV lighting and equipment, emergency power back-up systems, energy efficiency lighting, solar water heating systems, hybrid systems for corporate and telecom stations, solar street lighting, solar traffic lighting, solar home lighting kits, solar water pumping systems and so on. What makes solar energy desirable especially in developing countries such as Tanzania where power cut-offs are a frequent occurrence is the fact that solar electricity is cheap, affordable and can be customized to meet the individual needs of the customer. Moreover, solar electricity is the cleanest form of energy and does not cause any greenhouse gas emissions which pollute the environment. Rex provides solar power systems used at homes, offices, schools, hospitals, health centers, corporate office, government buildings, NGOs and other governmental institutions. Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular in Tanzania and around the world and is becoming a better alternative to the national grid and other traditional utility options of the like. Solar power is transforming lives than ever before giving hope to millions of people most of whom live in rural areas with limited power supply. Now school children have hope for a brighter future as they can get light at homes and at their schools and reading in the darkness can now be something of the past.

Solar power is clean, pollution free and economical. Tanzanians are urged to use solar not only as primary sources of power but also as a secondary source of power as opposed to noisy and costly generators. Solar home systems are easily available to all levels of income earners and in modern times create an attractive ambiance in the house external environments in the form of garden lights and security lights.

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